Xantulayr™ is a reinforcement product for high-performance composites – especially carbon fibre.

Revolution-Fibres-AS9100_AerospaceXantulayr is ideal for aerospace and automotive carbon applications. Being the only nanofibre producer in the world to achieve AS9100c certification, you can rest assured our products meet the demand for quality that is sought after in these industries.

Xantulayr™ delivers huge strength improvements in many composite structures – especially carbon fibre tubing and pre-preg. Xantulayr delivers a stunning 100% strength improvement in fishing rods.

Xantu.Layr™ has amazing composite enhancing properties including flexural strength, interlaminar shear strength, impact resistance, part consistency and resin toughness. All these benefits come with virtually no additional weight and thickness to the composite in one easy step during lay-up.

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Xantu Layr Product Catalogue 2015

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