Sonic Electrospinning Technology



Through continual research and development, Revolution Fibres has evolved lab-scale needle electrospinning to our proprietary “needle-less” Sonic Electrospinning Technology.

Benefits of Sonic Electrospinning Technology are:

·         Adaptable – suitable for synthetic and biopolymers
·         Usable with a Variety of solvents and substrates
·         Uniform deposition, fibres typically 150-300nm
·         Small to industrial-scale production
·         Scalable

“The Chameleon” is our pilot-scale electrospinning machine, used for R&D and small-medium production runs in a controlled lab environment.

It can achieve:

  • Electrospinning up to 500 m² per day (0.05gsm)
  • Roll width up to 1 metre wide





Above is ‘The Chameleon’ – our pilot scale sonic electrospinning machine.