Nanofibre Production



Despite its promise, one of the biggest barriers to nanofiber being adopted commercially is production scale-up.

Revolution Fibres designed and built “The Komodo” for large-scale production runs. It has been recognized for Excellence in Manufacturing at the NZ Engineering Awards 2012.

Every material is different and the Komodo is adaptable enough to suit a range of polymers and substrates up to 2m in width. We continue to innovate – optimizing production and exploring new territories in electrospinning.

It can achieve:

  • Electrospinning; Up to 1000 m² per hour (0.05gsm)
  • Roll width up to 2 metres wide; enclosed machine – suitable for factory floor.
  • Controlled deposition and fibre diameter



Above is the ‘Komodo’ – our large scale sonic electrospinning machine.